Starting Somewhere..

In the middle of many assignments, my mind happens to go into a blank space. Then it transfers me into DEEP thought on why I haven’t started doing what I said I would do. This website, being one. Since a child, I had to grow up doing things like: voicing my opinion to my mother, by sliding notes under her door. It was our way of communication… she was a poet so it was the only way she knew how to communicate with her kids… However, it took me a while to realize that the lack of understanding, is what made me a more inquisitive person and also a very intrinsic writer. This first blog is just many of the one’s I hope to take somewhere..

Its taken me a lot to get this far, so with hopes and prayerfully a lot of work on my end, it helps me out.

Step. 1 : Do something you should have taken seriously long ago. Age? 22.


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